20% Discount for Apartments affected by external building works

Kingfisher Visitor Guides - New Partner

Watch out for Cleyro on Kingfisher Visitor Guides.

Cleyro Serviced Apartments is now listed in the Bristol guide published by Kingfisher Visitor Guides. Kingfisher Visitor Guides is a UK-wide portfolio of guides from all different cities. They offer advertisers the opportunity to reach over 100 million visitors a year. The printed guides uncover the leading hotels in the cities and regions across the UK and Ireland. These guides consist of useful articles, information, and lists, providing a great reference guide for visitors. The guides are written by local travel experts, offering helpful in-depth travel guides.  All Kingfisher guides are free to access and download.

Cleyro Serviced Apartments has recently been added to the Kingfisher Visitor Guide for Bristol, under places to stay.