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Serviced Apartments Bristol Redcliffe

Cleyro serviced apartments Bristol Redcliffe, are located at Finzels Reach, just 0.5 miles, or 0.8 kilometres from the centre of the district of Redcliffe within Bristol. Temple Meads Railway Station is also based in Redcliffe and is the same distance, 0.5 m / 0.8 km and an 11-minute walk. 

If you are looking for serviced apartments Bristol Redcliffe, there is a handful of options in the district: Cleyro Serviced Apartments, Premier Suites, or Your Apartment as well as a number of hotels.  

This search on Booking.com confirms how few serviced apartments Bristol Redcliffe there are to choose from. If you then filter to see only results for apartments in Redcliffe which score 9 out of 10 or more from B.com guest reviews (out of 10) then there is only one result (at time of writing) which is Cleyro. 

AirBnB has only 6 options (at the time of searching), which could be serviced apartments Bristol Redcliffe and shows more options outside of Redcliffe. 

The serviced apartments will take stays from a few nights to many months. You can book with Cleyro directly on this website, or enquire. Our apartments are in one location, Finzels Reach, which is at the north point of Redcliffe, close to the city centre. The smallest, one bedroom, are 480 square feet, and the largest two bedroom premier 950 square feet. They all have fully equipped kitchens with washer/dryers. The wifi is a super-fast 150 mb download speed. All our apartment choices can be viewed here. 

Redcliffe is known for a mixture of very old landmarks such as Gothic styled medieval Church of St. Mary with modern residential tower blocks. The district is bounded by the loop of the Floating Harbour which includes the Bathurst Basin on all sides except the south, where the new cut of the river Avon is the boundry. The name of Redcliffe, also written as Redcliff, is taken from the red sandstone cliffs which can be seen on the side of the Floating Harbour, behind Redcliffe Wharf and Phoenix Wharf. Described as honey-combed cliffs they have tunnels, which are called the Redcliffe Caves. 

There are a few things to do in Redcliffe Bristol. You can visit St. Mary Church, or visit the caves. Some lovely walks can be had as well, along Temple Meads, Redcliffe Estate, or on the Parade. There is a Michelin star Italian restaurant Casamia, as well as many other eateries, coffee shops, bakeries and local shops in the area.